"Aperture...before it was Aperture."-Tagline.

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In Aperture Science, GLaDOS awakes for the first time and fills the chambers with neurotoxin. Luckily, Unnamed Test Subject puts on a gas mask. As you play as the Bendy with a Portal, you have to find all the Cores, to attach to GLaDOS. But GLaDOS won't like that, so she stops you at every way possible.

Gameplay and GraphicsEdit


To move in different directions, swipe at the screen. To jump, tap the screen. To make Portals, tap it twice. To stop, tap the floor. Finally, to aim, tap the Aim Button, and move the dial.


The graphics are very similar to the Bendy Videos from Portal 2, but it now runs on Frostbite Engine, making it very clean in some places, and there's a dust storm in Chamber 09.
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  • GLaDOS' Claw of Death
  • Giant Turret
  • Anger Core
  • GLaDOS

Extra MenuEdit


Change controls.


Play Still Alive and Want You Gone.

Re-do ChambersEdit

Re-play Chambers.

Bosses to Rush ByEdit

Re-play Bosses.


After forcing GLaDOS to submission, she shoots a saw at Unnamed Test Subject, which cuts off his lower-body. A little female Bendy picks up the Portal Gun, and shoots at Glads, which makes her malfunction. Cave J.'s Bendy takes the gun, and puts it away. It shows U.S.T. getting new, robot legs. The credits then role, with Want You Gone/Still Alive mash-up.