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Wheatley, the Intelligence Dampening Sphere!


None/Male Programming


Aperture Science Artificial Personality Construct, Digital Fighter (Capcon vs Disney: Return of Wheatley unpublished fanfic only)




M. Bison, Yokai, McBunniebo


GLaDOS, Ryu, Big Hero 6

Jet Set Ronnoc's UniverseEdit

After the ending in Portal 2, where Wheatley and the Cores get launched into space, they discover Cave Johnson's old testing initiative.

Aidan's Universe Edit

After the events of Portal 2, he finds a pocket dimension in space were he enters and makes his home in San Frantokoy. He joins forces with M. Bison after downloading himself into the game, but the duo are defeated by GLaDOS, Baymax and Ryu.

Bunny's UniverseEdit

Wheatley was sent to planet nip nop for a suicide mission to rescue McBunniebo. he finishes the mission and is sent back to earth. there he hides in the forest after GLAaDOS tries to kill him.

Waffle's Universe Edit

ASM was once transferred into Wheatley by accident, but was then taken out and Wheatley's personality was restored. This also happened with Debonair Core, Confident Core,